What Are the Benefits of Companionship for Elderly Individuals?

A growing trend among seniors who live alone in their homes is seeking companionship from other adults. While many seniors choose to remain alone as they age, others seek companionship and assistance with everyday activities. Companion care is a growing segment of the senior community. Whether you are looking for a live-in aide, a personal care aide, or a companion to provide companionship for the elderly, you can usually find someone who wants to make you feel at home.

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Live-in aides are specially trained individuals, often having a nursing background. They provide assistance with activities of daily living (ADL), such as bathing, dressing, eating, and exercising. Live-in caregivers do not receive health benefits, but can be reimbursed for services provided. Most agencies that offer this type of service are private, non-profit organizations. You should check with your local Medicare or Medicaid agency to determine what their reimbursement rates are. read more

Senior Living – Assisted Living Retirement Communities

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Senior Living – Assisted Living Retirement Communities

Assisted living facilities help seniors live as independently as possible while still maintaining a sense of community. They allow senior citizens to keep their independence while still retaining their dignity and respect for themselves. Seniors can usually come to an assisted living center at any time of day and even stay in overnight if so desired. There is usually a companion at all times who offers companionship or assistance with daily tasks. This companion is usually there to serve as a reliable and caring source of assistance that will make the senior feel comfortable and welcome in the facility. In most cases, they are there to perform errands, take notes, wash dishes and similar tasks so as to make the senior feel more independent. read more